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President John De Pue       (703) 791-3389

V. President  Chris Grazzini

Secretary Mike Osborne  (301)924-4885

Treasurer David Harden

 2018 Activities


The Chesapeake chapter had a meeting and picnic hosted by President Chris Grazzini's at his home in Quantico, Virginia on Saturday, July 28. The meeting had a World War I theme, featured a barbeque "pot luck" luncheon. John De Pue gave a talk about weapons of the doughboy, illustrated by items from his collection. After lunch, we visited the near-by Marine Corps Museum which opened a new exhibit featuring the Corps in WW 1 The membership enjoyed the day and was a very enlightening presentation by John.


Chapter met at Fort Ward Park,4301 W Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA  Saturday10:00am on April 21nd  on the Battle of Falling Waters given by one of our own members, George Franks. The Battle of Falling Waters involved 7,434 Union soldiers under Brig. Generals Judson Kilpatrick and John Buford and 3,320 Confederate soldiers under Maj. General Henry Heth. The Battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1-3, 1863, but the final fighting of the historic campaign came on July 14 at the little known Battle of Falling Waters near Williamsport. By then, most of the retreating Confederate troops who had fought at Gettysburg had crossed the Potomac River to escape the Union army. The primary objective of the battle was to protect Robert E. Lee’s army as it crossed the Potomac.  Most of the Confederate army crossed over the Potomac on a pontoon bridge built in an area near Williamsport known as Falling Waters. The name came from a small waterfall on what was then the Virginia side of the Potomac River.

George F. Franks III, who lives on the property where the battle was fought, has written a book about the battle and the events leading up to it, called “The Battle of Falling Waters.”  Franks began writing the book two years ago and it was published July 16 , two days after the anniversary of the Battle of Falling Waters.    George gave a very impressive talk and everyone enjoyed it!  Members brought items from their collection and they were presented to the members as well.


Pictures from the April Meeting



On Saturday Jan. 27th, the Chesapeake Chapter had a meeting at Fort Ward, Va. The speaker was one of own members, Glenn Williams who gave an excellent talk on his book Lord Dunmore's War. It was an excellent presentation …Lord Dunmore’s War was the name given to a series of bloody hostilities in 1774 between the colonists of Virginia and the Shawnee and Mingo Indians. The area south of the Ohio River had long been claimed by the Iroquois, the most powerful Indian nation in the Northern Colonies, but other tribes also made claims to the area and often hunted the region. The colonists began exploring and settling the lands south of the Ohio River (now WV and KY) after the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix with the Iroquois, but Ohio Indians who hunted the land refused to sign the treaty and prepared to defend their hunting rights. Glenn did a great job and he certainly made the talk very interesting. After the presentation, members of the Chapter gave a brief talk on items of interest they brought to the meeting. It was a very well attended meeting and everyone seemed to really enjoy the gathering.

  Glenn Williams speaking about his recent book

2017 Activities


On Saturday August 12th , we conducted a joint meeting and lunch with the Tidewater Chapter in Fredericksburg / Spotsylvania at John Thillmann’s home. I’d like to thank John and Karen for being gracious hosts and sharing their new home to the Chapters.  It was a very well attended meeting, the food and comradery was excellent.

After the meeting, Chapter members Doug Lampe, Jerry Roxbury, Fred Gaede and William Connery gave brief talks on items they brought from their collections.   After lunch, John De Pue conducted an excellent driving tour of the battle of Chancellorsville (tracing the route of Stonewell Jackson's famous "Flank March”)  and ended at the Chancellorsville visitors center.  The enthusiasm of the members that day and having both chapters present was exciting,  so we plan to do it again in the future.  We had approx. 28 members attending. More images on Facebook (Login may be required)

  Fred Gaede explaining the significance of a white buff leather militia belt

Dave Harden and his wife have graciously invited our Chapter members to a luncheon meeting at his home in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia on the 10th of June at 12:00 noon.  Following a picnic lunch, Dave showed us his collection and present a lecture on the trapdoor Springfield rifle, illustrated by examples from his collection. 

We also visited acouple of historical sites in Winchester end route to Dave's. Photos are on Facebook (Login may be required)


2016 Activities


The Chesapeake Chapter of the CMH conducted a very exciting meeting at The Horse Soldier, 219 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA, on Saturday, December 10, 2016 beginning at 10:00 a.m.  We were joined by members of the new Gettysburg Chapter that Sam and Wes Small are working to organize.

During the meeting,  which was held in the shop’s second floor library, we had the special privilege of viewing some of the spectacular swords from the Kevin Hoffman collection that the Horse Soldier is marketing.  Following lunch, Gary Cross, a licensed battlefield guide, lead us in a tour of the East Cavalry Battlefield, and narrated the July 3, 1863 cavalry action between BG George A. Custer and MG JEB Stuart. 

The  meeting also include several matters of importance to Chapter administration.  President John Thillmann has submitted his resignation, effective December 31, 2016, due to an impending move from the area.  Vice- President Pat Gloyd, has submitted his resignation from that office because, as the CMH National Treasurer, he is unable to assume the presidency as our by-laws provide.

  Both officers have one more year to complete their terms.  We conducted a special election to fill these positions for the unexpired portions of the terms.   COL Chris Grazzini, USAF was nomination as President and George Franks as Vice-President.  Attached are a few picture taken during the event…enjoy.   Sam and Wes were gracious hosts and we thank them very much for their hospitality!

This is a link to the CMH's Facebook page with more photos


On Saturday, Sept. 17, the Annual CMH Chesapeake Chapter picnic and meeting was held at John Thillman’s house.  We had over 24 members who came and enjoyed presentations by John DePue with assistance by Chris Grazzini on swords from 1785 through 1818, Alan Boyd on a  historic USN Sword from the War of 1812.  Jim Kochand and William Leigh brought lots of great swords and etc to sell and other members also put out things to sell.  It was truly amazing to see that many early American made swords in one place!

John really enjoyed hosting the event ...3 cases of  beer, 36 1/3 pound Burgers, 20 hot dogs, (man that grill was really hot..on a very hot day) large tub of potato salad, 4 bags of chips and salsa and my signature salad. I barely had time to sit...but John DePue and Chris Grazzini did a great job. All in all a great meeting/picnic.

Super hot day but Mike Rosen,  MD was in attendance so no worries from the heat. George Franks came early with ice just in time to get the first round of bee cold!

John started the meeting as Chapter President, John DePue chapter treasurer gave a report and Mike Osborne gave the secretaries report.....then had to cook burgers and franks so asked Chris Grazzini to take over.

The John’s house was on the banks of the Potomac River and luckily we had a very slight breeze.... so while hot it was tolerable..

This is a link to the CMH's Facebook page with more photos

February On the morning of the 6th we held a meeting at the Horse-Soldier in Gettysburg to elect new officers and thereafter the Chapter members went on a professional guide led tour of the battlefield. It was great! 
March The chapter manned a CMH table and put on a display of Army Spurs from the Patrick Gloyd collection at the Baltimore Antique Gun show on the 18th through the 20th. We manned the table over a three day time frame with members and were able to recruit some new members.
April From the 14th through the 17th the Chapter was a sponsor of the Annual CMH meeting at the Hilton Dulles/Washington. We put on the break room with ice tea, soda, water, beer and wine which was pretty much consumed by Sunday morning, and we also judged and presented two Chesapeake chapter awards at the show for Best display and Best relic (Alex de Quesada won best relic and the photo of his display is attached).  John Thillmann and Patrick Gloyd were co chairs and are Chesapeake Chapter President and VIce President as well. Mike Osborn chapter Secretary was the Audio Visual guru. John DePue our treasurer was also the Meeting Treasurer. Mike Mancuso was in charge of security, Peter McDermott got us the "Old Guard" for the flag presentation and many other members were instrumental in making the meeting a success.   
July The Chesapeake Chapter hosted a meeting on Saturday, July 16th at 10:00 AM at Fort Ward. The  presentation was on Mosby’s men by Eric Buckland who has written 5 books on Mosby's Rangers.  Follow this link to his website, that will give more details about his books…..  

2015 Activities

September Chapter meeting and picnic in Alexandria, Virginia. Presentation: “Imported French Swords in the War of 1812” by Chris Grazzini. Special thanks to John Thillmann and Chris Grazzini.
September Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Annual DC Model Soldier Show in Annandale, VA. Thanks to Tim Terrell.
March Annual Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Maryland Antique Arms Show in Baltimore . Chapter display: “Model 1832 Foot Artillery Swords and Belts”. Thanks to John De Pue, Michael Osborne and John Thillmann.


2014 Activities

December Chapter meeting and John S. Mosby event. Presentation and tour at Warrenton Cemetery with the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society, and tour of The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail, Warrenton, VA.
September Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Annual DC Model Soldier Show in Annandale , VA. Thanks to Tim Terrell.
August Chapter meeting at Fort Ward, Alexandria, Virginia.  Presentation:  Shadow of Shiloh: Major General Lew Wallace in the Civil War by author Gail Stephens.
June Chapter meeting in Historic Donnelly House, Falling Waters Maryland.  Tour of the Falling Waters Battlefield led by author George Franks.
March Annual Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Maryland Antique Arms Show in Baltimore . Display theme was “Large Frame Army Revolvers from the Civil War.” Thanks to John De Pue, Patrick Gloyd,  John Thillmann  and volunteers. 


2013 Activities

December Chapter meeting at Fort Ward, Alexandria, Virginia.  Presentation on The Confederate Enfield by Captain Steven Knott (Ret.)
Tour of the Bristoe Station Battlefield in Bristoe Station, Virginia and Chapter picnic.
Assistance and volunteer  staffing of the Annual National Meeting of the CMH in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Thanks to Mike Mancuso, John Thillmann and other Chesapeake Chapter volunteers who helped make this meeting a success.
Annual Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Maryland Antique Arms Show in Baltimore . Thanks to John De Pue, Patrick Gloyd,  Mike Osborne, John Thillmann  and volunteers. 
Chapter meeting at NRA Headquarters, Fairfax, Virginia.  Museum tour of the National Firearms Museum by Senior Curator Philip Schreier.


2012 Activities

Chapter meeting.  Tour of the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico Virginia.   View a private collection of War of 1812 period swords.   Special thanks to Chris Grazzini.Summary of the Chapters January 2012 Meeting at the USMC Museum at Quantico, VA (Link to Videos)
Annual Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Maryland Antique Arms Show in Baltimore . Thanks to John De Pue, Terry Thomann and volunteers.
Assistance and volunteer  staffing of the Annual National Meeting of the CMH in Baltimore, Maryland.  Thanks to Jeff Goodson and the many Chesapeake Chapter volunteers who made this meeting a great success. Link to 2012 General Meeting
Chapter Meeting at Fort Ward.  Presentation on Mexican War Period weapons,  focusing on the Colt Walker revolver, by National Firearms Museum curator Philip Schreier.  Special thanks to the NRA, Philip Schreier and Mike Osborne.
September 1
Battlefield tour of South Mountain, Maryland with noted author and guide John Michael Priest.
December Chapter meeting at Springfield Arsenal, Alexandria Virginia.  Presentation: “Some Historically Significant Artillery Pieces” by John Morris.  Tour of Springfield Arsenal, LLC by John Morris.


2011 Program Highlights

January Chapter meeting and behind-the-scenes tour, at the US Navy Academy Museum in Annapolis . Thanks to Larry Clemens.
March Annual Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Maryland Antique Arms Show in Baltimore . Thanks to John De Pue & Patrick Gloyd.
April Assistance and partial staffing of the Annual National Meeting of the CMH in Valley Forge , PA. Thanks to Mike Mancuso, Marko & Nancy Zlatich, Fred Gaede, Jeff Goodson, and others who gave presentations and/or set up displays.
May Historical Firearms shoot at the Manassas Tank Farm. Arranged by John Morris. August – Annual Chapter family Picnic was cancelled. Thanks to the Hurricane.
September Chapter Display & Recruiting Booth at the Annual DC Model Soldier Show in Annandale , VA. Thanks to Tim Terrell, & Jeff Goodson.
September Chapter meeting and presentation of Pre-Civil War Swords by John Thillmann, John De Pue & Chris Grazzini at Fort Ward, VA.
December Second Annual Chapter Holiday Social. Tour of the Riversdale Mansion near Bladensburg , MD. Thanks to Jeff Goodson.

2010 Activities

18 September Chapter meeting and presentation at Fort Ward, Alexandria, Virginia, starting at 1100.
20 November Lincoln Cottage tour and presentation at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, DC.
4 December Inaugural Chapter holiday social and tour of headquarters of the Society of Cincinnati, Anderson House, 2118 Massachusetts Avenue, NW., Washington, DC.


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