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Annual membership dues are $45.00 per year.

Members receive, free of charge and financed by dues, a quarterly publication, Military Collector & Historian (the Company Journal). To view some sample articles, click here. The Journal is professional in content and is profusely illustrated. Its richly annotated articles cover such subjects as weapons, accouterments, uniforms, matérial, and colors and standards. They also include information on military organization, unit history, military art and artists, and the activities of the Company and its members.

Members will be sent the Company lapel pin on receipt of dues, along with a new members packet and a short questionaire on their interests which should be returned to the Administrator as soon as possible to maximize your membership benefits.

In addition, members are eligible to vote in the annual election for Governors and attend the annual meeting.

Optionally, you may also subscribe to the Company's series of military prints, Military Uniforms in America. A year's subscription consists of twelve plates, each 11 x 14 inches in size. These full-color prints illustrate military dress relating to the American scene. As far as possible, the plates show items of material culture never illustrated before or not accurately depicted in the past. The greater part deals with units of the United States, both federal and state. They are a unique form of reference and are suitable for display. Each is accompanied by a single-page, footnoted text. Optional plate subscription is $35.00 per year.

Plate 866

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Plate 845
(journal only) $45.00 per year
(membership $45 + plates $35) $80.00 per year

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