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VI, No. 1: March 1954
81   New York Rifle Corps, 1809-1815
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
82   3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, 1846-1851
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
83   Terry’s Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry), C.S.A., 1864
Harry C. Larter, Jr.
84   7th Regiment, National Guard State of New York, 1900-1905
Frederick P. Todd
VI, No. 2: June 1954
85   The French Regiment of Carignan-Sallieres, Canada, 1665-1668
Harry C. Larter, Jr.
86   Independent Boston Fusiliers, 1787-circa 1810
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
87   2nd U.S. Cavalry, 1855-1861
Frederick P. Todd
88   The First City Troop of Cleveland, Ohio, 1877-1881
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; D. Lyle Thoburn
VI, No. 3: September 1954
89   Hesse-Cassel Artillery Company, 1776-1777
Herbert Knötel; Frederick P. Todd
90   4th U.S. Infantry Regiment, 1835-1842
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.
91   The Citadel Academy, South Carolina, 1843
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Charles West
92   71st Regiment, New York State Militia, 1857-1861
John P. Severin; Frederick P. Todd
VI, No. 4: December 1954
93   18th Continental Infantry, 1776
Frederick P. Todd
94   Staff Officers, 1813
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Robert Walker Davis
95   Regiment of Riflemen, Winter Uniform, 1812-1815
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.
96   6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush’s Lancers), 1862
Harry C. Larter, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd

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