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VIII, No. 1: Spring 1956
113   U.S. Marine Corps, 1797-1804
John H. Magruder III
114   U.S. Army Officers in Social Full Dress, Circa 1808-1812
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.
115   New York City Guard, circa 1857-1861
Frederick T. Chapman; Frederick P. Todd
116   79th Regiment, New York State Militia, 1860-1861
John P. Severin; Frederick P. Todd
VIII, No. 2: Summer 1956
117   British 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, 1759-1760
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
118   Dover Light Infantry Company, Delaware Militia, 1776-1777
Clyde A. Risley; Frederick P. Todd
119   3rd Regiment, New York State Artillery, 1807-1812
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
120   Medical Department, U.S. Army, 1861-1865
John P. Severin; Frederick P. Todd
VIII, No. 3: Fall 1956
121   Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, 1777-1783
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Frederick P. Todd
122   9th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Hawkins’ Zouaves), 1861-1863
John P. Severin; Frederick P. Todd
123   69th Regiment, National Guard, State of New York, c. 1869-1884
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Kenneth H. Powers
124   U.S. Marine Corps
(Barracks Detachment, 8th and I Streets, Washington, D.C.), 1955
John H. Magruder III
VIII, No. 4: Winter 1956
125   Delaware Troops of Horse, Circa 1808-1810
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Alban P. Shaw III
126   Midshipmen, U.S. Navy, 1852-1869
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; George B. Keester
127   Guilford Grays, North Carolina Militia, 1860
John P. Severin; Milton F. Perry
128   Lafayette Escadrille, French Aviation Service, 1916-1917
Frederic T. Chapman; Harrison K. Bird, Jr.

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