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XIII, No. 1: Spring 1961
181   Civil Officers, U.S. Navy, 1852-1862
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James C. Tily
182   The King’s American Regiment, 1783 (The 4th American Regiment)
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; John R. Elting
183   Medical Officers, U.S. Navy, 1830-1841
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James C. Tily
184   Loyal Queen’s County Militia, 1780
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; John R. Elting; Henry I Shaw, Jr.
XIII, No. 2: Summer 1961
185   2d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry of the “Iron Brigade”, 1862-1863
George Woodbridge; Alan T. Nolan
186   Officers, U.S. Navy, 1886
Dirk Gringhuis; James C. Tily
187   1st U.S. Sharpshooters (Berdan’s), 1862
George Woodbridge; John R. Elting
188   French Troops in The West Indies, 1700-1750
XIII, No. 3: Fall 1961
189   The Expedition of General Leclerc to San Domingo, 1801-1803
Eugene Leliepvre; Jacques Brouillet
190   The Cincinnati Rover Guards, 1853
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
191   Mexican 19th Infantry Battalion, 1914
Joseph Hefter
192   British Light Infantry, 1758-1759
Eric I. Manders; John R. Elting
XIII, No. 4: Winter 1961
193   Glengary Light Infantry Regiment, 1812-1816
Marvin Pakula; John F. Graham; John R. Elting
194   Boarding Party, U.S. Navy, 1815, Naval War With Algiers
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Albert W. Haarmann; James C. Tily
195   The 113th and 114th Polish Demi-Brigades in San Domingo, 1802-1804
Janusz Wielhorski; Andrew Zaremba
196   Butler’s Rangers, 1778-1784
Eric I. Manders
197   Russian American Company, Ship’s Officers, 1851
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; Marko Zlatich
198   First Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, Richmond, Va., 1858-1859
John P. Severin; Lee A. Wallace, Jr.

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