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XVII, No. 1: Spring 1965
253   Fifth United States Cavalry, 1874
Randy Steffen
254   War Dress and Weapons of the Plains Indians,
1874, Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors
Randy Steffen
255   The United States 15th Infantry Regiment (The Forgotten Fifteenth)
American Barracks, Tientsin, China, circa 1925
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; John R. Elting; Edward S. Jones
256   British Navy, 1704-1714
Eric I. Manders; George A. Snook
XVII, No. 2: Summer 1965
257   Brunswick Infantry Regiment Von Rhetz, 1776-1777
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; John R. Elting
258   Colonel John Haslet’s Delaware Regiment, 1776 (Delaware Blues)
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James P. Simpson
259   The Minute Battalion of Culpeper County, Virginia, 1775-1776
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
260   Cuban Volunteer Battalions, 1892-1898
José M. Bueno; Joseph Hefter
XVII, No. 3: Fall 1965
261   Louisbourg Garrison, 1745
Eugene Leliepvre; Fairfax Downey
262   Col. Joseph Crockett’s Western Battalion, 1780, Virginia State Forces
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
263   Egyptian Battalion in Mexico, 1863-1867
Joseph Hefter
264   2nd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line, 1779-1781
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
XVII, No. 4: Winter 1965
265   Spanish Texas Hussars, circa 1803
Joseph Hefter; Francisco Ferrer Llull
266   Company Aid Men, E.T.O., 1945
Eric I. Manders; George A. Snook
267   Puerto Rico Trained Militias, 1789
Francisco Ferrer Llull
268   U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, 1834-1836
Peter F. Copeland

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