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XX, No. 1: Spring 1968
301   United States Scouts, Enlisted Men, Full Dress, 1890-1902
Gordon Chappell
302   Regular Colonial Dragoon Regiments of New Spain, 1795
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Detmar H. Finke
303   United States Air Force Pipe Band, 1965-1966
Ronald E. Spicer; John R. Elting
304   Royal Navy, Officers’ Undress Uniform, 1812
Roy Manser
XX, No. 2: Summer 1968
305   Franco-Mexican Army, 1863-1864
Joseph Hefter; John R. Elting
306   British Artillery, Newfoundland, 1711
Barry E. Thompson; William A. Foote; John R. Elting
307   165th New York Volunteer Infantry, 1863
Ronald E. Spicer; Roger D. Sturcke
308   The Virginia State Navy, 1776-1780
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
XX, No. 3: Fall 1968
309   The 95th Regiment of Foot, (Burton’s Regiment), 1761-1763
Peter F. Copeland; William A. Foote; John R. Elting
310   Cuban Militia, 1770
José M. Bueno; Joseph Hefter
311   95th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865
Barry Thompson
312   United States Scouts, 1890, Undress Uniform
Don Hoseney
XX. No. 4: Winter 1968
313   West India Regiments, 1800-1810
Cecil C.P. Lawson; H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting
314   7th Regiment of Foot (Royal Fusiliers), 1815
Robert J. Marrion; I.S. Hyman
315   Philippine Constabulary, 1912-1914
Ronald E. Spicer; John R. Elting
316   38th Regiment of Foot (Lillingston’s), 1707-1740
Eric I. Manders; H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; William A. Foote; John R. Elting

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