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XXVI, No. 1: Spring 1974
397   The 78th (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders), 1757-1763
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
398   Gulf Coast Lancers, Mexico, 1775-1780
Joseph Hefter; José M. Bueno
399   Canadian Voyageurs, Nile Expedition, 1884-1885
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell
400   Canadian Blood Transfusion Unit, Spain, 1936-1937
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Wayne A. Colwell
XXVI, No. 2: Summer 1974 (First issue using halftone illustrations for MUIA plates)
401   Rhode Island Train of Artillery, 1775
James T. Jones; John R. Elting
402   The Fort Henry Guard, Canada, 1971
Donna Neary; J.L. Summers
403   The Fort Henry Guard, Canada, 1971
Donna Neary; J.L. Summers
404   45th Infantry Division Band, 1950
William C. Auer; John B. Mitchell
XXVI, No. 3: Fall 1974
405   The 48th Separate Company, 4th Brigade, N.G.S.N.Y., 1892-1898
(The Oswego Guards)
Barry E. Thompson; Anthony F. Gero
406   The Raftsmen’s Guard, April/May 1861
Barry E. Thompson; John L. Marsh
407   York Volunteer Companies, August 1814
Rebecca Katcher; Philip R.N. Katcher
408   Uniform of the United States Navy, 1776-1781
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James C. Tily
XXVI, No. 4: Winter 1974
409   Volontaires Étrangers de la Marine, 1778-1784
Volontaires Étrangers de Lauzon (Lauzon’s Legion), 1780-1783
Eugene Leliepvre; René Chartrand
410   Oglethorpe’s Regiment of Foot, 1737-1749 (The “Old 42nd”)
James T. Jones; William A. Foote
411   Landis’ Philadelphia Battery of Light Artillery, 1863
Barry E. Thompson; Michael J. Winey
412   Chasseurs d’Afrique, 1861-1867
Eugene Leliepvre; John R. Elting

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