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XXVII, No. 1: Spring 1975
413   15th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
(The Anderson Troop), 1862-1865
James Stamatelos; Michael J. Winey
414   6th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry (“Wilson’s Zouaves”), 1861-1863
Roger D. Sturcke
415   1st Battalion, 77th Armor, 1969-1970
Walter H. Bradford
416   Fencible Regiments and the 104th Foot in British North America, 1803-1817
Eric I. Manders; René Chartrand
XXVII, No. 2: Summer 1975
417   The 1st Armored Division, Fort Knox, Kentucky, 1941
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Walter H. Bradford
418   Troop K, 1st Cavalry Regiment, Pennsylvania National Guard
(The Lock Haven Troop), 1921
Barry E. Thompson; Michael J. Winey
419   Mexican Military Academy, 1846-1847
Joseph Hefter
420   Regiment of Artillery Artificers (Flower’s Regiment), 1777-1783
James T. Jones; John R. Elting
XXVII, No. 3: Fall 1975
421   100th Regiment of Foot
(The Prince Regent’s County of Dublin Regiment), 1812-1815
Donna Neary; Reginald L. Campbell; René Chartrand
422   The Pennsylvania Division, 1780
Rebecca Katcher; Philip R.N. Katcher
423   7th United States Cavalry Regiment, 1916-1917
James Stamatelos
424   Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, 1937
John Magruder; Roger Willcock
XXVII, No. 4: Winter 1975
425   The 7th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, 1861
Michael J. McAfee
426   United States Army Air Service, Crew of the Airship “Roma”,
Langley Field, Virginia, 15 November 1921
William C. Auer; John B. Mitchell
427   50th (Shirley’s) and 51st (Pepperell’s) Regiments of Foot, 1754-1757
Eric I. Manders; René Chartrand
428   Régiment d’Infanterie Saintonge, 1776-1782
Eugene Leliepvre; René Chartrand

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