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XXVIII, No. 1: Spring 1976
429   Continental Artillery, 1776
James T. Jones; John R. Elting
430   Upper Canadian Militia and Provincials, 1812-1815
José M. Bueno; René Chartrand
431   Balloon Corps, United States Army, 1862
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting; Philip R.N. Katcher
432   Troop “I”, 104th Cavalry Regiment,
Pennsylvania National Guard (The Governor’s Troop), 1931
Barry E. Thompson; Michael J. Winey
XXVIII, No. 2: Summer 1976
433   York, Pennsylvania: Infantry, United States Army,
and Captain McClellan’s Company of Volunteer Dragoons, 1799
Rebecca Katcher; Philip R.N. Katcher
434   35th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment (“Cladak Zouaves”), 1863-1865
Roger D. Sturcke; Michael J. McAfee; Michael J. Winey; Earl J. Coates
435   The Civil Guard in Cuba, 1895-1898 (Governor General’s Bodyguard)
Thomas Arliskas
436   R.O.T.C. Unit, Oregon State College, 1941
Jacques R. Charvet; John R. Elting
XXVIII, No. 3: Fall 1976 (Note plate numbers are out of sequence)
441   French Corps of Cavalry, Canada, 1759-1760
Eugene Leliepvre; René Chartrand
442   The Second Rhode Island Regiment of the Continental Line, 1775-1777
Alan H. Archambault
443   Signal Corps, United States Army, Full Dress, 1891-1902
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Gordon Chappell
444   American Expeditionary Forces, North Russia, Archangel Contingent, 1918-1919
Paul M. Smith; Dale E. Biever
XXVIII, No. 4: Winter 1976 (Note plate numbers are out of sequence)
437   71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot, 1776
Gary Zaboly; Tom Nesbitt
438   Dress Uniforms, 4th U.S. Artillery,
Enlisted Men and Company Grade Officers, Heavy Batteries, 1872-1881
David Rickman; J. Phillip Langellier; Eric A. Saul
439   Maryland Guard Battalion, 53rd Regiment, Maryland Militia, 1860-1861
James Hennessey
440   United States Life Saving Service, 1899-1915
Peter F. Copeland; Howard K. Hayden; John R. Elting

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