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XXXII, No. 1: Spring 1980
489   Brigantine-of-War Notre Dame, South Carolina Navy, 1776-1780
Darby Erd; Fitzhugh McMaster
490   U.S. Marines, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 2nd Uniform, 1898
Thomas Arliskas
491   U.S. Coast Artillery, NCO Full Dress Uniforms, 1899-1917
Alan H. Archambault; Robert G. Borrell, Sr.
492   1st Marine Brigade, Iceland, 1941-1942
John Craig Andrews; Carter Rila
XXXII, No. 2: Summer 1980
493   Carignan-Salieres Regiment, Governor General’s Guards, Canada, 1665-1668
Eugene Leliepvre; René Chartrand
494   Third South Carolina Regiment (Rangers), 1775-1780
Darby Erd; Fitzhugh McMaster
495   72nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1864
“3rd California Regiment” and “Baxter’s Fire Zouaves”
James Hennessey; H.Michael Madaus
496   96th Aero Squadron, 1917-1918
Raymond S. Johnson
XXXII, No. 3: Fall 1980
497   22nd Regiment, New York State Militia, 1861-1862,
“The Union Grays”/”Strawberry Grays”
Alan H. Archambault; Michael J. Winey
498   5th Battalion (Colored), Connecticut National Guard, 1884-1890
Barry E. Thompson; Philip G. Maples; Anthony F. Gero
499   Alamo Scouts, U.S. 6th Army, 1943-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Alfred Hahn
500   United States Light Dragoons, 1808-1810
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Detmar H. Finke
XXXII, No. 4: Winter 1980 (This issue reintroduces line art for MUIA plates.)
501   41st Regiment of Foot, 1799-1815
Eric I. Manders; Brian Leigh Dunnigan; René Chartrand
502   Alabama Red Rovers, 1835
James T. Jones
503   76th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Keystone Zouaves), 1861-1865
Mike Stiles; Roger D. Sturcke; Harry T. Grube
504   Foreign Legion in Mexico, 1863-1867
Eugene Leliepvre; Louis Merllie; John R. Elting

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