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XXXIV, No. 1: Spring 1982
521   17th Regiment of Foot, 1775-1787
Raymond S. Johnson; Alan C. Aimone
522   Imperial Army of Brazil, Officers, 1865-1870
Barry E. Thompson; Anthony F. Gero
523   Imperial Army of Brazil, Enlisted Men, 1865-1870
Barry E. Thompson; Anthony F. Gero
524   Naval Railway Batteries, 1917-1918
Ronald E. Spicer; James C. Tily
XXXIV, No. 2: Summer 1982
525   Lower, Middle and Upper Regiments, New Castle County, Delaware, 1775
Peter F. Copeland; Eric I. Manders
526   1st Infantry Regiment (Gray Reserves), Reserve Brigade,
Philadelphia Militia, 1861
Roger D. Sturcke; Michael J. Winey
527   United States Cavalry, Lava Beds, 1872-1873
Brian Chin; J. Phillip Langellier
528   American Medical Bureau, Spain, 1937-1938
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell
XXXIV, No. 3: Fall 1982
529   Washington Light Infantry of Charleston, S.C., 1858
Barry E. Thompson; Fitzhugh McMaster
530   20th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (United Turner Rifles), 1861-1863
Roger D. Sturcke; William D. Mohr
531   351st Infantry Regiment (Winter Field Uniform), 1951
(Artist unknown); Dale E. Biever
(The illustration for this plate is from archival material)
532   Troop B, Governorís Guard, 158th Cavalry, Maryland National Guard, 1980
Alan H. Archambault; David C. Cole
XXXIV, No. 4: Winter 1982
533   Regular Infantry, Royal Danish West Indies Forces, 1826-1830
Barry E. Thompson; John R. Elting
534   Governor General With Staff, Royal Danish West Indies, circa 1834
Barry E. Thompson; John R. Elting
535   Mississippi Marine Brigade, 1862-1864
Joseph Hefter; Edward S. Milligan
536   1st Battle Group, 23rd Infantry, 1959-1962
Steve Anderson; Robert C. Barrett

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