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XXXVI, No. 1: Spring 1984
553   Canadian Militia (Frontier Service),1750-1760
Francis Back; René Chartrand
554   Canadian Militia (District Service),1750-1760
Francis Back; René Chartrand
555   Spanish Presidial Cavalry, 1780-1794
José M. Bueno; René Chartrand
556   54th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1865
Richard Warren; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke
XXXVI, No. 2: Summer 1984
557   New York Continental Artillery Company, 1775
Eric I. Manders
558   South Carolina Light Dragoons, 1781-1782
Charles H. Cureton; Fitzhugh McMaster
559   Rhode Island Regiment, 1781-1783
Alan H. Archambault; Marko Zlatich
560   Light Battery G, 6th U.S. Artillery (Hotchkiss Mountain Gun Section), 1899
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
XXXVI, No. 3: Fall 1984
561   South Carolina Provincial Regiment (Middleton’s), 1760-1761
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
562   New York City Independent Militia, 1775-1776
Peter R. Copeland; Eric I. Manders
563   Canadian Volunteer Militia Infantry, 1863-1870
Robert J. Marrion; René Chartrand
564   United States Army Special Forces (Field Uniforms), 1980-1984
Raymond S. Johnson; Richard P. Ugino
XXXVI, No. 4: Winter 1984
565   Chasseurs Volontaires of Saint-Domingue, Savannah and Grenada, 1779-1783
Peter F. Copeland; René Chartrand
566   Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry, North Carolina Militia, 1834-1853
  Donald J. Long; J. Lloyd Durham
567   1st Battalion, 4th Regiment of Field Artillery (Mountain), Mexico, 1916
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
568   Pacific Coast Militia Rangers, Canada, 1942-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Wayne A. Colwell

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