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XXXVII, No. 1: Spring 1985
569   South Carolina Armed Forces, 1670
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
570   Royal Navy, Undress Uniforms, 1755-1762
Eric I. Manders; Albert W. Haarmann
571   156th New York Volunteer Infantry (The Mountain Legion), 1862-1865
Alan H. Archambault; Edward Steers, Jr.
572   22nd Regiment, N.G., S.N.Y., Dress Uniforms, 1876-1898
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke
XXXVII, No. 2: Summer 1985
573   French 66th Infantry Regiment, Guadeloupe, 1802-1810
Francis Back; René Chartrand
574   Salem Zouaves, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1861
Ron Field; Roger D. Sturcke; Richard J. Podiadlo; Michael J. Winey
575   Officers, South Carolina Volunteer Forces, 1861
Richard Warren
576   1st Battalion; 209th Field Artillery,
N.Y. Army National Guard (The Rochester Redlegs), 1947-1984
Raymond S. Johnson; Richard P. Ugino
XXXVII, No. 3: Fall 1985
577   4th Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons, 1777-1778
Charles H. Cureton; Marko Zlatich
578   Legionary Corps, Militia of the Territory of Michigan, 1805-1812
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Brian Leigh Dunnigan
579   Columbia Flying Artillery, 1854-1861
Darby Erd; Fitzhugh McMaster
580   German Navy, U-Boat 537, Labrador, 1943
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell, George A. Snook
XXXVII, No. 4: Winter 1985
581   Compagnies Franches de la Marine, New France, 1685-1691
Francis Back; René Chartrand
582   Racine Zouave Cadets, Wisconsin State Militia, 1863-1864
Dennis Yeider; Richard K. Tibbals
583   Light Battery G, 6th Artillery, 1899 (Bridgman’s Bull Battery)
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
584   16th Regimental Combat Team, 29th Infantry Division, 1944
Alan H. Archambault; David C. Cole

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