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XXXVIII, No. 1: Spring 1986
585   French Engineers, New France, 1750-1763
Francis Back; René Chartrand
585   French Infantry in Mexico, 1862-1867
Eugene Leliepvre; John R. Elting
587   2nd Field Artillery Regiment (Mountain), 1927-1932
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
588   Ranger Battalions, European Theater of Operations, 1942-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Richard P. Ugino
XXXVIII, No. 2: Summer 1986
589   Virginia Militia, 1858-1861
Richard Warren
590   Forrest’s Cavalry Corps, Army of the Tennessee, 1863-1865
Clyde A. Risley; John R. Elting
591   10th United States Cavalry, 1898-1899
Raymond S. Johnson
592   Kosciusko Squadron, France-Poland, 1919-1920
Raymond S. Johnson; Wayne A. Colwell
XXXVIII, No. 3: Fall 1986
593   South Carolina State Regiment of Light Dragoons, 1779-1780
Clyde A. Risley; Fitzhugh McMaster
594   1st Troop, Charleston Light Dragoons, 1792-1805
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
595   1st Separate Company, Connecticut National Guard, 1899-1910
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero; Philip G. Maples
596   Company G (Airborne Ranger), 143rd Infantry,
Texas Army National Guard (The Houston Light Guard), 1980-1986
Alan H. Archambault; Richard P. Ugino
XXXVIII, No. 4: Winter 1986
597   Compagnies Franches de la Marine, Acadia and Newfoundland, 1701-1713
Francis Back; René Chartrand
598   1st and 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments, 1861
Michael J. McAfee; James L. Kochan
599   21st Field Artillery, 5th Division, American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1920
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
600   Unites States Navy SEALs, Field Uniforms, Vietnam, 1962-1975
Raymond S. Johnson; Richard P. Ugino

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