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XXXIX, No. 1: Spring 1987
601   4th Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Line, Battalion Companies, 1782-1783
Alan H. Archambault; Marko Zlatich
602   Generals and Field Officers, North Carolina Militia, 1813
Donald J. Long; J. Lloyd Durham
603   4th Battalion of Rifles, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1860-1861
Raymond W. Johnson; Roger D. Sturcke; Michael J. Winey
604   Regiment of Canadian Artillery, 1883-1893
Robert W. Rutherford; René Chartrand
(The illustration for this plate is from archival material)
XXXIX, No. 2: Summer 1987
605   Aztec Warriors, circa 1500
Eric I. Manders; George A. Snook
606   41st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
(DeKalb’s Regiment, 2nd Yaeger Regiment), 1861-1865
Ron Field; Roger D. Sturcke
607   78th Division, Field Uniforms, 1943-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero
608   Company A, 5th Battalion,
2nd Basic Combat Training Brigade, Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1969
Alan H. Archambault
XXXIX, No. 3: Fall 1987
609   Bearn Regiment, New France, 1755-1757
Eugene Leliepvre; René Chartrand
610   Royal Danish Troops, West Indies, 1761
Ronald E. Spicer; John R. Elting
611   Light Infantry Company, Charleston Regiment, South Carolina Militia, 1773-1776
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
612   Salem Light Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1805-1820
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Anthony F. Gero
XXXIX, No. 4: Winter 1987
613   80th Regiment of Foot, 1757-1764
Eric I. Manders; Brian Leigh Dunnigan; John R. Elting
614   11th New York Volunteer Infantry
(Ellsworth’s First New York Fire Zouaves), First Uniform, 1861
Richard Warren; Roger D. Sturcke
615   11th New York Volunteer Infantry
(Ellsworth’s First New York Fire Zouaves), Second Uniform, 1861-1862
Richard Warren; Roger D. Sturcke
616   “The Jewish Legion”, 39th (Service) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers
(City of London Regiment), 1918-1919
Robert J. Marrion; Wayne A. Colwell

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