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XLIV, No. 1: Spring 1992
681   Virginia Frontier Independent Companies, 1779
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
682   Rutledge Mounted Riflemen, 1861-1865
Richard Warren; Fitzhugh McMaster
683   Enlisted Men, Custer’s Michigan Cavalry Brigade, Army of the Potomac, 1863-1864
Clyde A. Risley; Gregory J. W. Urwin
684   Jamaica Regiment and Jamaica Military Band, 1989-1992
Raymond S. Johnson; Edward S. Milligan
XLIV, No. 2: Summer 1992
685   Private, Catalonian Volunteers, 1790-1800
David Rickman; René Chartrand
686   Drummer, Catalonian Volunteers, 1790-1800
David Rickman; René Chartrand
687   19th U. S. Infantry Regiment, Campaign Dress, 1878
Donald J. Long; T. J. Sperry
688   1st Washington Infantry Regiment, U. S. V., 1898-1899
Alan H. Archambault
XLIV, No. 3: Fall 1992
689   3rd Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons, 1778-1783
Clyde A. Risley; Marko Zlatich
690   Company I (Raccoon Roughs), 6th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, 1861
Richard Warren
691   164th Infantry, Americal Division, 1943
(Bougainville, Northern Solomons Campaign)
Ronald E. Spicer; Richard L. Cohen
692   Bagpipe, Drum and Bugle Corps, U.S.M.C., 1943-1945
James T. Jones; Edward S. Milligan
XLIV, No. 4: Winter 1992
693   Corps of Volunteers for North Western Discovery, 1804-1806
Alan H. Archambault; Marko Zlatich
694   Company C (Ringgold’s Battery), 3rd Artillery Regiment, 1837-1847
Clyde A. Risley; John R. Elting
695   92nd Division, 1942-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero
696   Canadian 13th Infantry Brigade Group, Kiska, 1943
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell

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