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XLVI, No. 1: Spring 1994
713   Grenadier Company, New York City Independent Militia, 1775-1776
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich; Eric I. Manders
714   James Strange Expedition, North-West Coast of America, 1786
Ronald E. Spicer; Wayne A. Colwell
715   71st Regiment, N.G., S.N.Y., 1879-1902
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke
716   Marine Raider Battalions, 1942-1944
Loy Conley; Richard P. Ugino
XLVI, No. 2: Summer 1994
717   Massachusetts Bay Militia, circa 1670-1690
David Rickman; René Chartrand
718   Tennessee Troops, New Orleans, 1814-1815
Peter Copeland; John R. Elting
719   Mexican Army: Artillery Officers, 1840-1848
Eric I. Manders; Albert W. Haarmann
720   Stockton Blues, California Militia, 1857-1861
Dan Taylor; William M. Pond
XLVI, No. 3: Fall 1994
721   Conococheague Rangers, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1763
Eric I. Manders
722   Albany County Provincials Employed for the Common Defense
of the Continent of North America, 1775
Alan H. Archambault; Philip D. Weaver
723   Captain George Dunham’s Company,
2nd Massachusetts (Bailey’s) Regiment, 1777-1781
Len Keennon; Richard Rollins
724   Baltimore Troop of Light Dragoons, Maryland Volunteer Militia, 1781
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
XLVI, No. 4: Winter 1994
725   Royal Navy Sailors, H. M. Brig DeBraak, 1798
David Rickman; Charles H. Fithian
726   Mounted Grenadiers of Callao, Hussars of Junin, and Staff Corps, Peru, 1830
Jose Balaguer; Terry D. Hooker
727   Campaign Uniforms, U. S. Armed Forces, Mexico City, September 1847
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
728   1st Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment (Pipe Band),
Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-1920
James T. Jones; Edward S. Milligan

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