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XLVIII, No. 1: Spring 1996
745   New Orleans Greys at San Antonio de Bexar, 1835
Peter Stines; Edward L. Miller
746   Mier Expedition, December 1842
James T. Jones; Edward S. Milligan
XLVIII, No. 2: Summer 1996
747   U.S. Light Artillery, 1814-1821
Eric I. Manders; René Chartrand
748   General Zachary Taylor in Mexico, 1845-1847
David P. Geister; Thomas G. Shaw; John Adams-Graf
XLVIII, No. 3: Fall 1996
749   2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division,
Naktong Perimeter Defense Campaign, Korea, 1 July-15 September 1950
Ronald E. Spicer; Richard L. Cohen
750   Dragoons, Georgia State Legion, 1781-1782
Peter F. Copeland; Thomas G. Rodgers
XLVIII, No. 4: Winter 1996
751   24th Regiment of Infantry, United States Army, 1888-1889
James T. Jones; Anthony F. Gero
752   Illinois Troop, Virginia Light Dragoons, 1779-1782
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich

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