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51, No. 1: Spring 1999 [No MUIA plates in this issue]
51, No. 2: Summer 1999
769   Fairfax (Virginia) Independent Company of Volunteers, 1774-1775
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
770   Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers, 1874-1901
James T. Jones; Edward S. Milligan
771   Brazilian Expeditionary Force, 1944-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Edward S. Milligan
51, No. 3: Fall 1999
772   Snowshoe Men, Massachusetts Bay, 1743
Eric I. Manders; George A. Snook
773   SÓmon Bolivarís British Volunteers, 1817-1826
Robert J. Marrion; Terry D. Hooker
774   5th Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry and 3rd Regiment and
4th Regiment of Cavalry, United States Colored Troops, 1863-1866
Alan H. Archambault; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke; William Gladstone
51, No. 4: Winter 1999
775   Infantry Regiment Saintonge (85th), 1780-1782
Eugene Leliepvre; Brooke Nihart; Pierre M. Piffaretti; John R. Elting
776   511th Parachute Infantry Regiment,
11th Airborne Division (The Angels), Philippine Islands, 1944-1945
Ronald E. Spicer; Richard L. Cohen

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