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56, No. 1: Spring 2004
809   French Regiment Royal Deux Ponts, 1780-1782
Peter F. Copeland; Marko Zlatich
810   75th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (2d Auburn Regiment), 1861-1865
Richard Warren; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke
56, No. 2: Summer 2004
811   United States Naval Aviation, 1917-1918
H. Charles McBarron Jr; John A. Stacey
812   Governor Phips’ Quebec Expedition, 1690
Peter F. Copeland; F. Brooke Nihart
56, No. 3: Fall 2004
813   United States Marines, Undress and Fatigue Uniforms, 1861-1865
Ron Field; Charles H. Cureton; David M. Sullivan
814   3d New Jersey Regiment (Jersey Greys), 1776
Alan A. Archambault; Philip D. Weaver
56, No. 4: Winter 2004
815   Ansbach-Bayreuth Jägers in America, 1777-1783
Robert J. Marrion; Arno Stürkel
816   Ansbach-Bayreuth Artillery Detachment in North America, 1777-1783
Robert J. Marrion; Arno Stürkel

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