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58, No. 1: Spring 2006
825   1st Continental Artillery Regiment, 1778-1782
Peter Copeland and Marko Zlatich
826   U.S. Navy, 1914-1918
H. Charles McBarron, Jr. and John A. Stacey
58, No. 2: Summer 2006
827   The Canebrake Rifle Guards, 1861
Keith Rocco and Gregory H. Starbuck
828   United States Coast Guard Beach Patrol, 1942-1944
Peter Copeland, Anthony Gero, and Edward S. Milligan
58, No. 3: Fall 2006
829   British Flying Training Schools, 1941-1945
Robert J. Marrion, Michael T. Johnson, and Edward S. Milligan
830   United States War Dogs and Their Handlers, 1944-1945
Ronald Spicer, Anthony Gero, and Edward S. Milligan
58, No. 4: Winter 2006
831   The Royal Flying Corps in Texas, 1917-1918
Robert J. Marrion, Edward S. Milligan, and Michael T. Johnson
832   Uniform of Enlisted Confederate States Marines, 1863-1865
Peter F. Copeland and David M. Sullivan

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