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60, No. 1: Spring 2008
845   1st Regiment of the Connecticut Continental Line, 1777-1778
Peter F. Copeland and Marko Zlatich
846   Company A, Task Force 4-187, Multinational Force and Observers, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, July 1984-January 1985
Alan H. Archambault and Marc W. Sammis
847   Armand's 1st Partizan Legion, Continental Army, 1780-1783
Peter F. Copeland and Marko Zlatich
60, No. 2: Summer 2008
848   6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1864
Keith Rocco and René Chartrand
849   95th Rifles, ca. 1807-1815
Robert J.Marrion and René Chartrand
850   Hessen-Cassel Leib Infantry Regiment, Campaign Dress, 1776-1784
Herbert Knötel and Donald M. Londahl-Smidt
60, No. 3: Fall 2008
851   Compagnies franches de la Marine and Canadian Militia in the Expedition of Chevalier De Troyes to Hudson's Bay 1686
Francis Back and Andre Gousse
852   Canadian Western Cavalry, 1903-1914
Robert M. Marrion and René Chartrand
853   Spanish Royal Corps of Artillery, ca. 1762-1767
Louis de Beaufort and Julio Luqui-Lagleyze
60, No. 4: Winter 2008
854   Canadian Units in the War of 1812 (2)
Eric I. Manders and René Chartrand
855   Militia of Jamestown Colony, 1607-1622
John C. Andrews
856   Canadian Incorporated Militia, 1838-1843
Robert J. Marrion and René Chartrand

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