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Volume D: The Modern Era: From 1868

The plates below have been reproduced in color, with their texts, in the fourth volume of a series of four volumes titled Military Uniforms in America, published by Presidio Press. (John R. Elting and Michael J. McAfee, eds.; Novato, California, 1988)

76   Standards of the 10th U.S. Cavalry, 1888-1890
Harry C. Larter, Jr.
84   7th Regiment, National Guard State of New York, 1900-1905
Frederick P. Todd
88   The First City Troop of Cleveland, Ohio, 1877-1881
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; D. Lyle Thoburn
100   18th U.S. Infantry, 1949-1953
Milton Caniff; Harry C. Larter, Jr.
104   Battery K, 1st U.S. Artillery, 1895-1898
Frederick P. Todd
112   Feigl Battery, 7th U.S. Field Artillery Regiment, 1925-1926
Harry C. Larter, Jr.
123   69th Regiment, National Guard, State of New York, c. 1869-1884
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Kenneth H. Powers
124   U.S. Marine Corps
(Barracks Detachment, 8th and I Streets, Washington, D.C.), 1955
John H. Magruder III
128   Lafayette Escadrille, French Aviation Service, 1916-1917
Frederic T. Chapman; Harrison K. Bird, Jr.
131   Captain Crawford’s Battalion of Apache Scouts, 1885-6
Edwin S. Lewis; John H. Magruder III
137   The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), Canadian Army, 1945
Frederick T. Chapman; Harrison K. Bird, Jr.
144   Porto Rico Provisional Regiment of Infantry, 1901-1907
Frederick P. Todd
147   Light Battery “F”, 5th U.S. Artillery, Full Dress, 1894-1896
Harry C. Larter, Jr.
148   10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1898-1899
Frederick T. Chapmen; James Gregg, Jr.
155   7th U.S. Cavalry, 1876
James S. Hutchins
156   16th U.S. Infantry, 1930
John P. Severin; Frederick P. Todd
173   The Chicago Black Horse Troop, 1929-1940
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
178   Villistas, 1913
Joseph Hefter
191   Mexican 19th Infantry Battalion, 1914
Joseph Hefter
204   Imperial Japanese Forces, Aleutian Islands, 1942-1943
Donald A. Burgess
209   Bandsmen, U.S. Navy, 1897
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James C. Tily
225   Aggressor, The Maneuver Enemy, Second California Campaign 1960
Donald A. Burgess; Albert W. Haarmann
245   278th Signal Pigeon Company, 1945
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell; Bert Goodrich
255   The United States 15th Infantry Regiment (The Forgotten Fifteenth)
American Barracks, Tientsin, China, circa 1925
Frederick E. Ray, Jr.; John R. Elting; Edward S. Jones
260   Cuban Volunteer Battalions, 1892-1898
José M. Bueno; Joseph Hefter
266   Company Aid Men, E.T.O., 1945
Eric I. Manders; George A. Snook
287   The United States Special Forces, November 1963
Frederick T. Chapman; Irwin C. Nye; Benis M. Frank; John R. Elting
290   The United States 15th Infantry Regiment, Tientsin, China 1916
Frederick T. Chapman; Edward S. Jones; John R. Elting
291   The United States 15th Infantry Regiment, Tientsin, China 1916
Frederick T. Chapman; Edward S. Jones; John R. Elting
300   Philippines Constabulary, 1901-1906
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
303   United States Air Force Pipe Band, 1965-1966
Ronald E. Spicer; John R. Elting
312   United States Scouts, 1890, Undress Uniform
Don Hoseney
315   Philippine Constabulary, 1912-1914
Ronald E. Spicer; John R. Elting
320   The United States Third Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard),
Ceremonial Dress, 1966
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting
326   Panama Canal Zone Police, 1916
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
333   1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 1966-1967
Peter Copeland; William K. Emerson
337   1st Regiment Infantry, National Guard of Pennsylvania, 1885-1898
Frederick T. Chapman; Frederick P. Todd
349   Royal 22e Régiment, 1965-1966
Donna Neary; Ernest J. Owen
364   American Field Service in Italy, 1943-1945
Frederick T. Chapman
367   Canadian Volunteer Militia Officers, Northwest Rebellion, 1885
Robert J. Marrion; J. L. Summers
368   The 501st Parachute Battalion, 1941
John Craig Andrews
375   The United States Army Band (Pershing’s Own), 1948-1958
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting
376   The United States Army Band (Pershing’s Own), 1970
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting
380   10th Regiment Infantry, National Guard State of New York, 1870-1880
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Robert E. Mulligan; Frederick P. Todd
384   102nd Cavalry Regiment (“The Essex Troop”,
1st Cavalry Regiment, New Jersey National Guard), 1921-1922
Harry C. Larter, Jr.; James P. Simpson
399   Canadian Voyageurs, Nile Expedition, 1884-1885
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell
415   1st Battalion, 77th Armor, 1969-1970
Walter H. Bradford
417   The 1st Armored Division, Fort Knox, Kentucky, 1941
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Walter H. Bradford
424   Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, 1937
John Magruder; Roger Willcock
443   Signal Corps, United States Army, Full Dress, 1891-1902
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Gordon Chappell
464   369th U.S. Infantry Regiment (15th New York National Guard), 1918
Raymond S. Johnson
468   The United States Navy, Transfer of the Danish West Indies, 31 March 1917
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; James C. Tily
471   Second Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, 1897-1941
Darby Erd; Michael J. Winey
476   Company L, 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1898-1899
David C. Abbott; Anthony F. Gero
496   96th Aero Squadron, 1917-1918
Raymond S. Johnson
498   5th Battalion (Colored), Connecticut National Guard, 1884-1890
Barry E. Thompson; Philip G. Maples; Anthony F. Gero
499   Alamo Scouts, U.S. 6th Army, 1943-1945
Raymond S. Johnson; Alfred Hahn
508   West India Regiments (Dress Uniforms), circa 1870-1900
Barry E. Thompson; Anthony F. Gero
524   Naval Railway Batteries, 1917-1918
Ronald E. Spicer; James C. Tily
531   351st Infantry Regiment (Winter Field Uniform), 1951
(Artist unknown); Dale E. Biever
(The illustration for this plate is from archival material)
543   Naval Militia, Massachusetts and New York, 1888-1910
Raymond S. Johnson; Anthony F. Gero; Roger D. Sturcke
552   American Expeditionary Force, Siberia, 1918-1920
Ralph Heinz; Hayes Otoupalik; Orton Begner
560   Light Battery G, 6th U.S. Artillery (Hotchkiss Mountain Gun Section), 1899
James T. Jones; Fitzhugh McMaster
580   German Navy, U-Boat 537, Labrador, 1943
Eric I. Manders; Wayne A. Colwell, George A. Snook
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