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XXI, No. 1: Spring 1969
317   11th New Hampshire Provincial Regiment, 1774
Peter F. Copeland; James P. Simpson
318   83d Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1861-1862
George Woodbridge; Frederick P. Todd; John R. Elting
319   Royal Navy, 1814
Roy Manser
320   The United States Third Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard),
Ceremonial Dress, 1966
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; John R. Elting
XXI, No. 2: Summer 1969
321   Mexican Spy Company, 1846-1848
Joseph Hefter; John R. Elting
322   Danish West Indies, 1816
I. Flemming Rasmussen; John R. Elting
323   French Navy in Mexico, 1838
Eugene Leliepvre; Jacques Brouillet
324   43rd (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry, 1814-1815
Robert J. Marrion; I.S. Hyman
XXI, No. 3: Fall 1969
325   The American Regiment, 1740-1746
(The 61st Regiment of Foot, or Gooch’s Regiment)
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; William A. Foote; John R. Elting
326   Panama Canal Zone Police, 1916
Frederick T. Chapman; John R. Elting
327   State Fencibles of Philadelphia [1814-1852]
Barry E. Thompson
328   State Fencibles of Philadelphia [1857-1888]
Barry E. Thompson
XXI, No. 4: Winter 1969
329   First Special Service Force, 1942-1943
Eric I. Manders; Brooke Nihart; John Craig Andrews
330   Georgia Hussars, 1816-1967
James T. Jones; Lindsey P. Henderson, Jr., John R. Elting
331   5th Pennsylvania Regiment, 1777-1783
H. Charles McBarron, Jr.; Philip R.N. Katcher
332   93rd Highland Regiment, 1814-1815
Robert J. Marrion

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