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61, No. 1: Spring 2009
857   Drummer, Agenais French Infantry Regiment, 1777-1780
Eugène Lelièpvre and René Chartrand
858   3d New Jersey Regiment "Jersey Blue" Light Infantry Company, Summer 1777
Peter Culos
859   71st Highlanders, Buenos Aires, 1806
Robert J. Marrion, Julio Luqui-Lagleyze, and René Chartrand
61, No. 2: Summer 2009
860   United States Marines, Full and Walking Out Dress Uniforms, 1859-187
Ron Field and David M. Sullivan
861   Pathfinders, 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions, Normandy, 1944
John C. Andrews
862   1st Georgia Continental Battalion, 1776-1778
Peter F. Copeland, Marko Zlatich, and Thomas Rodgers
61, No. 3: Fall 2009
863   Sailors of the Imperial German Navy, 1914
Robert J. Marrion and René Chartrand
864   British 19th Light Dragoons, 1813–1816
Robert J. Marrion and René Chartrand
865   Canadian Units in the War of 1812 (3)
Eric I. Manders, René Chartrand, and Gareth Newfield
61, No. 4: Winter 2009
866   Napoleon’s Colonial Battalions, ca. 1807–1810
Keith Rocco and René Chartrand
867   French West Indian Colonial Regiments, 1775–1786
René Chartrand
868   United States Army Air Corps / United States Army Air Force, 1939–1945
H. Charles Mc Barron and William K. Emerson

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