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Welcome to the Company forums. Notice the plural. It is our intent to organize topical forums to support the interests of forum users. All users are free to read and post in any forum. We'd enjoy your participation.

Our rules are simple:

1. Civility rules. You can disagree and debate, but it will be done in a civil manner. No cuss words, no shouting (all caps), no personal attacks. Offenders will be warned, then lose posting priveleges.

2. Posts must be topical. We don't allow modern politics, nor religious debates. The general forum will entertain messages on any aspect of militaria. As topical forums form, their content will be restricted to the topical area.

3. You must provide a valid email address when establishing your user profile (i.e. registering). Our program will send a password to that email address that is needed for posting.

Two Ways to Post:

Regulars are expected to establish a profile. Members should enter the forum through the Members Area. Visitors are welcome to use the red Questions button below to send a single question to the forum or to become a regular. Visitor posts are moderated and there is a delay between submission and actual posting of anywhere from minutes to several days. Registered users post directly to the forum without time delay.



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