Publication Roster of MUIA Plates

Originally compiled by Eric I. Manders and John K. Robertson

The plates in this roster were published as a series titled Military Uniforms in America (briefly, MUIA) by the Company of Military Historians (briefly, “the Company”). Their purpose is to depict troop units, in the broadest sense of the term, raised at any time in any part of the Western Hemisphere, plus units raised elsewhere who served in any part of the Hemisphere.

The roster shows where any plate is located according to its appearance in Military Collector and Historian the quarterly journal (briefly, "the Journal") of the Company. The listing begins with the first issue of 1949. By seeking out a plate number, the user may gain the following information:

1. The Journal issue in which appears an uncolored version of the plate, along with its descriptive text. (All the texts have been published in the Journal, but plates did not appear until vol. 3, no. 1, Spring 1951.)

2. The plate artist and text author(s), which appear in italics under the title. The name of the artist always appears first. (It has become standard procedure for MUIA not to use titles, degrees, rank designations or other honors in the contributors’ bylines.)

The Presidio Press Series

Those plates whose numbers appear in boldface type, 252 in all, have been reproduced in color, with their texts, in a series of four volumes titled Military Uniforms in America, published by Presidio Press. The name of each of these plates is followed, in brackets, by the appropriate volume and page number, keyed as follows (clicking on the links below will bring up a Table of Contnents for each volume):

A. The Era of the American Revolution, 1755-1795 (John R. Elting, ed.; San Rafael, California, 1974)

B. Years of Growth, 1796-1851 (John R. Elting, ed.; San Rafael, California, 1977)

C. Long Endure: The Civil War Period, 1852-1867 (John R. Elting and Michael J. McAfee, eds.; Novato, California, 1982)

D. The Modern Era-From 1868 (John R. Elting and Michael J. McAfee, eds.; Novato, California, 1988)

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